Sorry for Not Posting

For whatever reason, my Wi-Fi was turned off–and so was the modem/router/whatever for my network. Silly me. 🙂

So that’s why I could not post on Write-it-out Wednesday. Or Fun Fact Friday. Or my first Listen up Saturday post. 😦

I’d like to thank the followers of The Place for Joy for being so loyal. Normally one would lose all their followers the moment they stopped going by their normal posting schedule. I’d be broken if that happened.

Here’s an announcement: The first Two Needle Tuesday post will be this Tuesday. You guessed it–The Place for Joy is now a knitting blog as well!

Summer is sadly coming to an end. That means Fall is coming along with cold and flu season. Germy stuff everyone touches–doorknobs, pens, you name it. Limited natural supply of Vitamin D–the sun. Perhaps a topic for this Write-it-out Wednesday.

See you all on Minecraft Monday, readers!



Hello world!

Hello. I’m MasterpieceMaker, the Minecrafter, Trekker, advocate for autism acceptance, knitter, and blogger behind the enjoyable content on The Place for Joy.

I started this blog to sharpen my writing skills. Pretty neat, huh? Now it’s evolving into just one of the outputs for a necklace of my thoughts–each bead different than the last.

Do you want to be filled with joy? Stay and check out this blog! Scroll down for the latest posts. Check out the menu and sidebar for more joy.

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