Welcome to The Place for Joy. I, MasterpieceMaker, started this blog to sharpen my writing skills.

The Place for Joy, created on June 30, 2015, has a convenient post schedule: Minecraft Monday, Write-it-out Wednesday, Fun Fact Friday, and Listen up Saturday. If you stay for a while, you’ll find out what I mean. 🙂

How did I come up with the name? I wanted all my readers to feel joy (which you should be feeling right now 😀 ), and let everyone know that this is the place to feel joy.

Now, perhaps I should tell y’all a bit about me: MasterpieceMaker…

I love to play Minecraft, use Kodu, and like Microsoft and wikiHow.com (I make edits here and there on wikiHow articles as an anonymous writer 🙂 ). Did I mention I support autism and neurodiversity? 😉 I also have smileyitis. :/

Oh, are you a Star Trek fan like me? According to a quiz online, I am mostly like Nyota Uhura and I speak Klingon. 😀

Feel free to comment on any post!


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