Bit by the Knitting Bug?

I have a couple of metal needles and two rows (or so) of the knit stitch in light blue yarn lying around somewhere. The thought of knitting has recently hit me again. If I can find a way to not get bored knitting and knitting and knitting and knitting and knitting while still concentrating hard on the stitches and avoid dropping a stitch accidentally, then the symptoms of the knitting bug bite are going to go wild.  😀 So much that I would add posts just about knitting to the posting schedule. Yup.

Then I’d learn to do the purl stitch, the slip-stitch, knitting in the round, using double-pointed needles,…I’d probably keep myself compelled to knit on an airplane by knitting a blanket to cover myself in to keep me warm (because airplanes are cold, man, and who knows who used the airplane blankets?). Thankfully the TSA allows knitting needles. 🙂

I’d most likely get some knitting needles for my mom so she can knit with me (she knows how to knit 🙂 and so does my grandma). Let’s face it: knitting gets boring at some point. Everyone needles a knitting buddy. Perhaps this Fun Fact Friday, I’ll include a fun fact about knitting. 😉

After all, knitting your own scarves, sweaters, and beanies comes with pride and only with the price of a ball or two of yarn (and perhaps needles for knitting in the round for beanies). A homesteader must know how to knit.

Those of you with knitting blogs, I’d be happy to follow them! Those of you with advice for me, I’d be happy to take it with a million “thank you”s in return! Maybe I’ll get a pet sheep to make yarn! 😆 😀


5 thoughts on “Bit by the Knitting Bug?

  1. I’m a knitter and I really want to be able to spin my own yarn. So of course, it’s my dream to have some pet sheep. Unfortunately it’s against the city’s ordinance and my father (who’s on city council) was laughed at when he asked about changing it.

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  2. I just learned how to spin recently. I highly recommend it! It is so meditative, but in a different way than knitting.

    My husband and I just bought a house on 5 acres, so I think some sheep might be in my future some day 😀

    My knitting blog is called YarnBOB, if you’re interested too.

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