Mine Park–The Minecraft Amusement Park

That’s the one thing I’m working on. Making an awesome Minecraft amusement park. I’m planning to have some cool minecart rides, a haunted house ride, a water park, you name it. Or pony rides. 😀

The seed for this world? All I know is that it’s a negative number and starts with 402. It also spawns you in a biome thick with trees, but there’s a nice plains biome perfect for the amusement park (superflat is boring if I ever invite people via LAN, but I used that for my world, Star Trek). Maybe I’ll put in a minecart train to take the tourists over there, or just grab your own vehicle (let’s see who gets there by pig). Maps are a must, too.

Let’s see it, you say?

The start of a lovely roller coaster and a lovely night. Made with minecarts, redstone stuff, you know. :)
The start of a lovely roller coaster and a lovely night. Made with minecarts, redstone stuff, you know. 🙂

Sorry if it’s hard to see, it was nighttime, but who has time to drink up a night vision potion or command the game to change the time just for the purpose of a screenshot?

Excellent, right?


Sorry for Not Posting

For whatever reason, my Wi-Fi was turned off–and so was the modem/router/whatever for my network. Silly me. 🙂

So that’s why I could not post on Write-it-out Wednesday. Or Fun Fact Friday. Or my first Listen up Saturday post. 😦

I’d like to thank the followers of The Place for Joy for being so loyal. Normally one would lose all their followers the moment they stopped going by their normal posting schedule. I’d be broken if that happened.

Here’s an announcement: The first Two Needle Tuesday post will be this Tuesday. You guessed it–The Place for Joy is now a knitting blog as well!

Summer is sadly coming to an end. That means Fall is coming along with cold and flu season. Germy stuff everyone touches–doorknobs, pens, you name it. Limited natural supply of Vitamin D–the sun. Perhaps a topic for this Write-it-out Wednesday.

See you all on Minecraft Monday, readers!


Bit by the Knitting Bug?

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4 Tips for Monster Hunting in Minecraft

There’s probably no Minecraft player in the world that does not want to go out at night in the game to hunt down monsters for loot (and amusement). If you constantly face the problem of getting killed over and over, or just want to play Minecraft the easy way (cheating, that is), this article for you. If you’re a pro at this, this article is also for you. Add your own tricks in the comments (if you’d like).

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