The Cherry Pie Mystery Part 2

This post is a sequel to The Cherry Pie Mystery Part 1. Enjoy! 🙂

“Well, now what do we do? ” sighed Abby heavily.

“We could always just play 20 questions,” suggested Jade.

“Awesome! I’ll go first. Um, I’m thinking of an insect,” said Bill.

“Is it an ant?” inquired Bob.

“Yeah, how did you do that?” asked Bill.

“Because there’s a swarm of ants crawling out of the pantry!”

“I only saw one when I started!”

“Oh dear!” exclaimed Jade.

Bob swung the pantry door open. “How could I not have noticed the ants eating the cherry pie?”

“Well, maybe they were under all that cherry sauce,” said Abby with the voice of a know-it-all.

“Of course! The ants ate the cherry pie!”

“What are we going to do about it?” queried Bill.

“Ooh! Pass me that empty jar! I’ll trap them in there!”

Bill did as Bob commanded and he slammed the jar on top of the swarm. He slipped the lid underneath while the ants crawled up the sides.

“Bazinga! Ha, ha!”

Bob’s older sister, Lilly walked in as she guffawed and screamed with laughter as Bob, Jade, Abby, and Bill looked confused.

“Oh, what a prankster I am! I ate the cherry pie! I just put the ants in there to scare you guys!” explained Lilly.

“We weren’t scared, Lilly,” said Bob

“I see. I thought you guys were. Did you encounter any problems with your computer, Bob-o?

“Yes,” said Bob firmly.

“Good, I did that, too. I knew you’d go for the cherry pie after that.”

“Bob, your sister is quite the prankster!” said Bill

“Definitely!” agreed Abby and Jade.

“Hey, as soon as I fix Bob-dog’s computer, I could teach you all some great pranks!” offered Lilly.

The group of friends agreed. “Let’s get fixing folks!” said Lilly.

The end.



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