The Cherry Pie Mystery Part 1

This Write-it-out Wednesday post will feature a person a made up: Bob Penanpaiper. 😛

Bob Penanpaiper lived with his sister, Lilly, and his parents, Art and Shelly. One day he was in his basement with his friends, Angelica “Jelly” Pibianjay, Abigail “Abby” Abicy, Jade Larn, and Bill J. checking out cool stuff on the Internet.

As Bob searched for more myths, (he was rather surprised to learn that goldfish don’t have a memory span of 3 seconds) he flicked an ant off the screen. Suddenly, his computer began to malfunction and eventually crashed.

“Try turning it on again,” suggested Jelly. Bob did just that, but after 2 minutes of pressing the power button, he gave up.

“Now what do we do, Bob?” said Bill.

“I could grab some leftover cherry pie,” replied Bob.

The group agreed and went into Bob’s kitchen with him. He opened the pantry.”The cherry pie’s gone!” he exclaimed.

“But, how come?” said Jade. She took a look and told the rest of the group to come and see. “Cherry sauce is dripping on every shelf!”

“That can’t be good,” said Abby as Bob found only a piece of pie sitting in a shelf.

Would you like to know what happens next? Find out next week on Part 2!




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